Looking Onward, To A New Year

The coming of a new year is an event a great many look forward to with excitement and optimism, even if January 1st is little more than a day on a calender. New years bring packed gyms, new haircuts and many more commitments from the non-commital. One could easily lay the blame upon mass media and well funded advertising. But looking in closer, one must confront the uncomfortable fact that the ads that tell us to lose weight and become a fitter, happier and more productive human being* are striking at a profound angst within most all of us.

In the spirit of looking for hope in the future, many of us make personal resolutions toward change. Few of these survive past march. And in this we see two competing forces in a dance around the aforementioned angst, optimism and non-commitment. Of course the forward momentum of human kind would seem to show that optimism is in the lead. But realistically, this is a mere illusion of history. The propulsion of man has at best been driven by the vision of an ambitious few. And their visions are largely carried on the shoulders of the masses, many of whom seek little more than scant opportunities for pleasure in life.

Now, in case anyone is misled by this seemingly synical and wizened tear, let me tell you that I too fall victim to this dance with consistency. We all do. Even those ambitious few have had their moments of dismay, as the once poor Lincoln would have seemed after three of his four sons failed to see adulthood. But it is in these times of dismay that we most deeply confront the meaning of hapiness in our own lives. Personally I find greatest hope & happiness in the same way as another, much older, man by the name of Abraham.

I know that I will see many more moments of dismay pursuing my hopes and dreams, as will most everybody. But for those who can still remain hopeful and at piece in even the deepest pits of grief and self loathing, the is future a thing of hope no matter what may come.

Unless of course the Tzolk’in is correct

*Thanks Radiohead


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