Giving Thanks

Five days removed, Thanksgiving is still something my mind is dwelling on. Its not that this year was all that distinguishable from the last. The food was still in delicious abundance & the time spent with my family & friends was as deeply mollifying as ever. Maybe it was the change of venue, switching in my cousin Matt’s beautiful home in Rhode Island for the Connecticut home of my uncle Mike. But really, it was the ride back to Philly. Crawling along in traffic I could not help but to reflect on the fact that in the light of my present condition, the many things that I have to be thankful for cast a long shadow over most anything I could muster complaint against.

While the things I am thankful for could easily fill a few volumes, this is not what strikes me the most. Rather it is the very focus on thankfulness that this great holiday inspires. Thankfulness is something my life desperately lacks. And while I can assign most of this guilt to time distracted, the fault lies within me. Just as any skill demands focused practice, so too does thankfulness.

Not only does embracing active thankfulness bear the fruits of temperance and humility, it inspires lives of generosity. And in this spirit of thankfulness, we are best equipped to acknowledge how precious little we have can be claimed of our own doing. In this time of advent, I will commit to focusing on thankful praise. Especially for that greatest of all gifts, Grace.


For a great post on the season advent, check out the blog of my good friend Paul. You’ll be glad you did.



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